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You can’t offer others your best when your best is restricted. You can’t resemble the Love of Christ when you’re experiencing exhaustion every few weeks or every few days. Other contributing factors such as your diet and workout routine matter when it comes to being ready.

Coping with Depression

I encourage anyone who is dealing with depression to understand that you do not have to do it alone. It’s so important to have people in your corner who really care for you. Someone that you can trust and be transparent with.

The Lie Lust Told Me

I write these words today hoping that the right person reads them, but not to just read another blog for publicity sake, but truly for the sake of their very soul. To warn you that it's not to late to stop now, to eradicate your chains that's keeping you bound in the very things you fought with at the age of 16, or so you won't keep fighting them at the age of 37. Lust is a raging fire that is destroying the lives of men, women, children, families, pastors, millionaires, and minds and souls throughout America.